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  • FLO Cycling + Alpha Win Triathlon Series

    We are thrilled to announce that FLO Cycling has become the official wheel partner of the Alpha Win Triathlon Series. This is an 11 race series across California, Florida, and New York, perfectly suited for FLO Wheels. Find FLO at Races At each race starting in July of 2023, you will find a display of […]

  • Lower Wheel Prices – Affordable DNA

    To be frank, COVID and the resulting supply chain issues really sucked for FLO. Ultimately, we made two price increases to weather the storm but both times felt wrong. Well-engineered cycling wheels at affordable prices have always been a part of our DNA. We promised that if the costs started coming down, yours would too. […]

  • Introducing FLO Air Gage – Save Time with Accurate Tire Pressures

    Rethinking the Pump – The FLO Air Gage A couple years ago a good friend and fellow researcher, John Mercer, called me voicing a frustration he had recently ran into during transition at his race. John’s name may be familiar to you, he and his team at UNLV worked side by side with me for […]

  • FLO Cycling + Big River Gravel Series

    We are thrilled to announce that FLO Cycling has become the official wheel partner of the Big River Gravel Series. This is a four race series across Iowa and Illinois, perfectly suited for FLO gravel wheels. Special Series Winner Prizes Among other prizes, the male and female season winners will receive a set of FLO […]

  • Welcome 2023 and Big Changes for FLO

    Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe 2023 marks our 11th year in business at FLO. We’ve been able to do something we love for more than a decade and it’s all thanks to people like you.  In late 2019, we had a full line of new products that were in development but well, we […]


    World Record Attempt – The Greatest Distance Cycled in Seven Days On November 6, 2022, Leigh Timmis began a seven day journey to break the world record of the greatest distance cycled in seven days. The distance to beat is 3,559 km or 2211 miles- a record currently held by Arvis Sprude. This is more […]

  • The Cycling Industry And The Economy 2020-2021 Part 3

    Earlier this year we wrote two blog articles explaining the stress that the cycling industry is under due to COVID and the supply chain constraints. Since that time things have only gotten worse for the entire industry. This article addresses the ongoing issues and regrettably, announces a price increase for all FLO wheels, though we […]

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    The Cycling Industry And The Economy 2020-2021 Part 2

    In January, I wrote an article on how COVID has affected the cycling industry. A lot can change in a few months. Our goal was to be able to keep inventory throughout the year, but that is getting difficult to do. We are currently backordered on several items. Below you will find information on the […]

  • The Cycling Industry And The Economy 2020-2021

    The Cycling Industry And The Economy 2020-2021

    2020 was undoubtedly a strange year. The COVID outbreak in March resulted in a major halt in manufacturing which has impacted the economy in a number of ways. I’m sure you’ve noticed how regular items found on are either out of stock or now double the price they used to be. The laws of economics explain […]

  • Where Did The Clydesdales Go?

    Where Did The Clydesdales Go?

    When FLO started shipping wheels in 2012, we offered two wheel builds: standard and Clydesdale. The standard build featured the following spoke lacing patterns: – Front Wheel: 20 spokes laced radially – Rear Wheel: 24 spokes lace with a 2-cross build on both drive and non-drive side The Clydesdale build featured a different spoke lacing […]

  • FLO Cycling - The Journey Continues

    FLO Cycling – The Journey Continues

    Over the past decade, Jon and Chris Thornham have taken FLO Cycling from an idea to the brand you’ve come to know. Today marks a change in FLO’s journey. Chris has decided to step away from FLO and has sold his ownership. The following statement is from Chris: After dedicating my full time to FLO […]

  • FLO’s Side Of The Hambini Accusations

    A guy who goes by the name “Hambini” posted results of an aerodynamic cycling wheel study. FLO wheels performed poorly in that study. After the study published, FLO and many others had questions about Hambini’s testing protocol—primarily because of the details omitted from his post. Hambini answered some questions but avoided others. A couple months […]

  • FLO Cycling – Our Next Adventure – Gravel Wheels

    FLO Cycling – Our Next Adventure – Gravel Wheels

    Why do businesses start?  The list of reasons is endless.  For us, the desire to start FLO revolved around solving a problem.  That problem was that good quality cycling wheels were expensive. We wanted to produce a cycling wheel that was as good as the best in the industry but cut the cost by up […]