Introducing the FLO Aid Bag

“It’s not if you have an issue on the road, but when.” I received that advice from a fellow cyclist when I first started cycling and unfortunately in cycling, mechanical issues and injuries happen. I’m sure we’ve all been on the side of the road with a flat or waited for the pickup after a bike issue. 

If you’re a cyclist, your loved ones probably keep their phone on in case you’re in need of a ride after a flat or bike issue. Hopefully, they never have to receive the call after an accident. Sadly, we’ve been there and we’ve also known and heard stories of those who have been seriously injured or lost their life doing something they loved. Riding a bike is not without risk.   

Over the years I’ve pieced together make shift tool bags and created my own first aid kit. I hike, ride and carry this equipment in my car. After a particular day of testing, which involved carting around a bunch of tools for setting up many different wheels, and a sliced finger from my rear derailleur, I started thinking about a cyclist specific product that combines both bike tools and first aid. It would be the ultimate first aid bag for both bike and rider.

Well, we created it. Plus, we reinvented a number of new products. Whether you’re riding or racing, the FLO Aid Bag is a great addition to the bike or transition. 

The FLO Saddle Bag

The FLO Aid Bag uses the FLO Saddle Bag as the container for all the goods inside. The FLO Saddle bag will also be sold separately, hence it having it’s own name, in case you just wanted a really great bag to create your own customized kit. The FLO Saddle bag is waterproof and opens with two zippered halves. It even has pockets! 

Full specs below: 

Outer Shell: 500D Tarpaulin for extreme water resistance. 

Inner Shell: Recycled 210D Tarpaulin because we love the environment.

Connection: BOA Strap for a custom fit and easy access to the bag with safety loop to prevent accidental bag drops. 

Dimensions:  140mm X 110mm X 70mm

Inside Design: The bag splits in half with zipper closures and two pockets for each side. 

Inside Bag Design

Once opened, the FLO Saddle Bag has two halves intended to separate the bike aid from the first aid and contain the contents while riding. With the ability to keep one side zipped, you can easily access the tools needed without losing the things you don’t.

Side A – Bike Aid

On the bike side we’re adding all the essential tools you would need on the road or trail.

  • FLO Multi-tool
  • FLO CO2 Regulator
  • FLO Tire Lever
  • FLO 5.5mm Hex Tool
  • Tubeless Tire Seal
  • Tube Patches
  • Zip Ties
  • Latex Gloves

The FLO Multi-tool

We created our own multi-tool to be included in the FLO Aid Bag and sold separately. The combination of tools is unique and created specifically for cyclists, especially with the addition of a tubeless plug and file. The FLO Multi-Tool contains: 

  • Tubeless Plug
  • Tubeless File
  • Serrated Knife
  • Valve Core Tool
  • Chain Breaker
  • Spoke Wrench 13G/14G/15G/16G/Mavic
  • Hex 3/4/5/6/8
  • Phillips 2
  • Slot 5 
  • Torx 20/25
  • Bottle Opener 

FLO CO2 Regulator

A CO2 canister can be a one shot deal, but not with the FLO CO2 Regulator. The FLO CO2 Regulator features a dial that allows you to slowly add CO2 to your tire. The FLO CO2 regulator creates efficient use out of a canister so you can carry fewer and use one for both tires, if needed. Included in the FLO Aid Bag and sold separately. 

FLO Tire Lever

FLO Tire Levers are designed with a steel core to increase their life span and durability. Included in the FLO Aid Bag and sold separately.

FLO 5.5mm Hex Tool

This tool is included for our FLO riders out there. All FLO Wheels use a 5.5mm hex nipple. FLO Aluminum + Carbon Wheels and FLO DISC wheels require a 5.5mm hex to true the wheel. If your wheel uses a 5.5mm hex, be our guest! This tool makes turning a 5.5mm hex nipple simple. Included in the FLO Aid Bag and sold separately.

Tubeless Tire Seal, Tube Patches, Zip Ties, and Latex Gloves

The FLO Aid Bag includes tubeless tire seals to use with the FLO Multi-tool, tube patches for those using tubes, zip ties, and latex gloves for work on the road. (Note: An extra tube is not included as these are tire size dependent, neither is a CO2 canister due to shipping restrictions, but there is enough room in the bag to add one or even both.) 

Side B – First Aid

The first aid side was designed with products that were ideal for cyclists. Other kits lacked the  products that really helped some of the largest issues for injuries on the road. These products are sourced from reputable brands such as 3M, McKesson and Zealios. The FLO Aid Bag includes: 

  • Tegaderm: (Road rash anyone?) comes in multiple sizes 
  • Tourniquet: Let’s hope this never gets used, but could be a lifesaver 
  • Blister/Nipple Covers: Ouch. These patches will help you complete a ride without thinking about the pain with every body movement or pedal stroke 
  • Waterproof bandaids: sweat and regular bandaids don’t mix 
  • Gauze Bandage Wrap + Tape: use as you see fit 
  • Saline: a larger than anticipated bottle for your cleaning needs 
  • Saddle Cream: another anti-chafe remedy 
  • Sunscreen: SPF 45, Sport Performance Sun Barrier
  • Shears: you never know what you’ll need to cut
  • Gloves: protect yourself 

The FLO Aid Bag retails for $199 and is available now for shipping. We really love this product and believe you will, too. If you’ve ever received an email from me, I sign off most of my emails with “Ride safe.” Well, now you can ride safer with the FLO Aid Bag.