Where Did The Clydesdales Go?

When FLO started shipping wheels in 2012, we offered two wheel builds- standard and Clydesdale. The standard build featured the following spoke lacing patterns:

– Front Wheel: 20 spokes laced radially
– Rear Wheel: 24 spokes lace with a 2-cross build on both drive and non-drive side

The Clydesdale build featured a different spoke lacing pattern:

– Front Wheel: 20 spokes laced radially
– Rear Wheel: 28 spokes lace with a 3-cross build on both drive and non-drive side

We also have a detailed article on the Clydesdale build here, but make sure to read the rest of this article before checking that one out!

Why Were There Different Builds

There are two main reasons. At the time, we were building wheels for different rider weights. Our standard build was rated up to 198lbs and the Clydesdale build was rated up to 242lbs. This leads us to reason two.

Large and/or strong riders require a sturdy wheel build to transfer power efficiently or not damage a rim. Until recently, adding additional strength to a wheel was done by adding more spokes. This is no longer the case for FLO wheels.    

Clydesdale Builds Are A Thing Of The Past

As of 2020, with the release of our new FLO All Sport and FLO Gravel wheels, we no longer offer a Clydesdale build. The new design, along with stronger materials and better manufacturing techniques, provides a sturdy, strong, standard wheel with only 24 spokes. The Carbon Clincher wheels are rated for riders up to 270 lbs and the Aluminum + Carbon wheels are rated up to 250 lbs.

The Benefits

Wheels with fewer spokes, better manufacturing, and stronger materials are beneficial to you, as a cyclist because:

  1. The wheels are lighter in weight
  2. The wheels are more aerodynamic since there are fewer spokes.
  3. Wheel stay true longer.
  4. Wheel transfer power better.
  5. Wheels are tougher and more durable.

Moving Forward

Rest assured that we didn’t make the decision to let our Clydesdale build go lightly but we are confident the new wheels will provide you with the strength you need to be your fastest.