FLO Cycling – Update and Spy Shot!


Hello all,
Chris and I are back in town and in the full swing of things, bur have recently found out that our factory is behind schedule. Our prototypes were supposed to be in our hands this week, but that will not be the case. We wanted to be honest and up front about the situation. To hit our March date would have forced us to rush through product testing. Our main goal is to produce high-quality products that we believe in. Rushing any stage of the design process is not a wise business decision and is unfair to our customers.
So, how long will we be delayed? We anticipate four to six weeks. The coming weeks will allow us to give everyone a more accurate date. Again, we apologize to have to tell you this news.  Unfortunately, the delay was something out of our control and that’s a hard pill to swallow.
Since we gave you some bad news we wanted to give you an inside look at what our carbon factory has been working on. This is the drive side of our lenticular disc. This is a rough unpolished and unfinished piece that just came off the production line. You can expect it to look much nicer when it arrives on your doorstep. We hope you like what you see!
Flo Disc Spy Shot


Please feel free to ask us questions about the delay or the picture above.
Take care,
Jon Thornham