Wheel Fit Guide For FLO All Sport Series

Will wider carbon wheels fit my bike? The All Sport series has a wide brake track width of 28mm and a wide internal rim width of 21mm. This article will help you determine if the new FLO All Sport wheels will fit your bike, plus tire size recommendations for the best fit. We’ve also included a video that will show you how to adjust your brakes to allow the wheels to fit.

A common question we get regarding wide wheel fit is if the brakes on the bike will open wide enough. The answer is most often yes. The video below walks through adjusting brakes along with moving spacers for more room.

Tire Height & Width

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the trend toward wider tires (wider is faster), but bikes are not as adaptable to tires as wheels. When it comes to wheel fit, you’re actually more often restricted with tire size rather than rim width. Below is a guide to help you determine the tire sizes that will work on your rim. Note, these are general guidelines and may not be the case for all bikes.

Bike Model Year Tire Size That May Cause Fit Issue
Pre – 2011 23mm
2011 – 2017 25mm
2017 – 2020 28mm-32mm
To understand if the new wheels will work on your bike, measuring the tire height and width of your current wheels is a good place to start. This way, you have an understanding of your current fit and how much room you have. The FLO All Sport Series was designed with Continental GP 5000 tires. Below, we’ve provided you with height and width measurements of different size Continental GP 5000 tires at different pressures on FLO All Sport Wheels. Use this information to compare your current set up to what you need for your potential new FLO set up.
Pressure (psi) Continental GP 5000 Tire Size
25mm 28mm 32mm
40 Width 26.8mm Width 28.3mm Width 32.1mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
50 Width 26.9mm Width 28.5mm Width 32.5mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
60 Width 27.0mm Width 28.7mm Width 32.6mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
70 Width 27.1mm Width 28.9mm Width 32.8mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
80 Width 27.2mm Width 29.1mm Width 32.9mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
90 Width 27.3mm Width 29.2mm Width 33.0mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
100 Width 27.4mm Width 29.3mm Width 33.1mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
110 Width 27.5mm Width 29.3mm Width 33.2mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm
120 Width 27.6mm Width 29.4mm Width 33.3mm
Height 22.9mm Height 25.3mm Height 29.1mm

Brake Track Width & Your Brakes

If you have a disc brake bike, then you can skip this section. FLO All Sport wheels will fit most, it not all, disc brake bikes.

If you are still unsure and have a rim brake bike, you will need an understanding of how wide your brakes will open. To do this, release the brake cable bolt and open your brakes as wide as possible and measure the distance between you brake pads. FLO All Sport wheels are 28 mm at the brake track. If your measurement says 30mm, you are in good shape. Most modern (last 5 years) brakes will open wide enough. We know that most Shimano, SRAM, TriRig, FSA, etc made in the last 5 years open up with plenty of room.

If you have any questions on fit specifically, with your bike, please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through it.