Removing & Installing Wheel Stickers: FLO Cycling How To

From time to time you may want to update your FLO stickers to a new color or replace a damaged sticker. Our How-To video below will walk you through all of the required steps to successfully remove and install new FLO stickers.

Quick Tips – Removing & Installing Stickers

Removing Stickers

When removing a sticker, we recommend pulling the sticker along the wheel and not away from it. This will help keep the glue on the sticker and not on the surface of the wheel. We also find removing the sticker slowly helps keep the glue off of the wheel.

Removing Glue From The Wheel

If you happen to have glue left on the surface of the wheel, we recommend using hardware-store grade acetone. Alcoholic based cleaners will evaporate and will not stay on the surface of the wheel. We do not recommend oil based cleaners like Goo Gone since they do not evaporate and are not ideal for optimizing the lifespan of your wheels

Getting A Good Placement

At FLO we use a guide that allows us to place the stickers in the proper location. Without a guide we recommend using the spokes as a reference and removing one sticker at a time. This way you have a frame of reference when installing the stickers.

Getting A Clean Look

If you have a small piece of dirt under a sticker, it looks like a giant imperfection. For the best visual appearance make sure you clean the surface of the wheel well before installing each sticker.

Bubbles can also be problematic. Make sure you are working the sticker into place as you install it. If you have a small bubble, most times you can work it out. If the bubble is large, you can normally pick the sticker back up before the adhesive sets. Our die-cut stickers are the most difficult with this, but it can be done if you are careful.