The FLO 49 AS – Shallow But Speedy

The FLO 49 AS is the shallowest wheel in our lineup. When trying to decide what wheel to select, you may wonder who the FLO 49 is best suited for, or under what circumstances. Good news! This is your in-depth look into the shallow—but speedy—FLO 49 AS. 

Wheel Depth and Time Savings

You probably know that a deeper wheel profile makes a faster wheel, but what most people don’t know is that the time savings between a 49mm wheel and a 77mm wheel is not that large. The major gain is going from a box rim, like a Mavic Askium, to a well-engineered rim. 

Upgrading to a FLO 49 AS from a box rim will save you roughly 6 minutes over 100 miles. That can make or break a race. Choosing a FLO 77 AS (a deeper wheel) compared to the FLO 49 AS will only save you an additional 45 seconds. The key is choosing the wheel depth that you feel most comfortable with. 

FLO Factory Team Member Will Coleman on the front FLO 49 AS

Vibration Dampening and Ride Feel

A full-carbon wheel will reduce vibration on the road since the spokes are connected at the spoke bed. Any vibration experienced by the tire will move through the side walls of the rim en route to the spokes. 

Since it’s a shallower wheel—making the sidewalls shorter—the FLO 49 AS absorbs less vibration, providing a slightly rougher ride compared to the rest of the FLO lineup, but far better than a box rim. We know that some of you enjoy the feeling of the road! 


We don’t normally highlight weight because frankly, weight is an insignificant matter when compared to aerodynamics. But, having both weight and aerodynamics on your side is an advantage. The FLO 49 AS is the lightest wheel in our line up. If you are looking for a lightweight, aero wheel, the FLO 49 AS is a great choice.

Tubeless Ready

As with all the wheels in our All Sport wheel line, the FLO 49 AS is tubeless ready. We’ve designed the internal rim structure to make tubeless easy. 

FLO 49 AS Disc

When To Select a FLO 49 AS

There are four main reasons you want to select the FLO 49 AS. 

  1. Crosswind. You’re a cyclist who is competitive with yourself, you want a great wheel, and do not want to deal with cross wind. A FLO 49 AS is great because the improvement in wheel is appreciated, but the security of crosswind stability is guaranteed. 
  2. Weight. You are a lighter rider. If you’re less than 120 lbs, a shallower wheel can be easier to handle. 
  3. Course Specific Crosswind. You’re racing a course known for strong winds. For example, The Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. It never fails that every year I am in Kona, an athlete approaches me asking if we have any shallow front wheels with us. For the cyclist who finds themselves on courses with strong winds, a front FLO 49 AS can be a great primary or secondary front wheel. 
  4. Joy of Riding. The FLO 49 AS is a great improvement over a box rim and can compliment any ride. The All Sport line is designed for multiple surfaces so if you hit a little gravel, you’re still good to go! 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fast wheel with great handling, then the FLO 49 AS is your best wheel choice. Going from a box rim or an inferior carbon wheel will make all the difference in the world to your speed and comfort.