Studying BIke Tires Part 4, Relative Velocity

This week we have new parts. I just received a new wind speed sensor. If you are wondering why, I’d guess you are not alone. While a Garmin will give us great data on rider speed, it will not give us any information on relative velocity. For example, if you are riding 20 mph into a five mph head wind, your relative velocity is 25 mph. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out our blog on Relative Velocity.  
This is important to know because it gives us an accurate wind speed for the recorded yaw angle. Without it we are left comparing rider speed and yaw angle which leaves a lot of unknowns. 
I recently went for a ride to test out the sensor. Here is a quick video of the test.  
When I returned home, I logged the data to see what was reported. While my speed in the truck was pretty consistent, – minus the stops – you can see a number of variations in the wind speed.  
More testing is needed once the wind direction sensor shows up. The latest update told me it was delayed but should hopefully be shipping this week or next.  
There are lots of interesting things coming up. Stay tuned.