Studying Bike Tires Part 3 Mounting The Logger

Last week I mentioned I was going to be busy in my garage making a mount for the data logger and sensors. Well, I have been. Here is what I have so far.  
The Basic Construction
I thought about what to build this with and after looking at aluminum, pvc, plastic, etc., I settled with good old wood. Below is a shot of the mount drying after a few coats of paint.  I figured I’d try and make it look a little bit cool =]. 
To secure the mount to the bike I made a custom skewer that holds support arms. The mount also rest on the top of my stem. Since the mount only touches my skewer and stem, it turns with the wheel. This is exactly what I wanted.  


Next Steps
I am anxiously awaiting the wind direction and speed sensors. Once I have them I will mount everything. If I don’t get a few comments and looks when I start riding around with this thing I’ll be highly surprised.